[UPDATED 01/04/05]

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Hickey Brothers Trade Checks (FOR SALE)

Unfortunately, my stock of duplicates seems to have shrunk considerably over the past few months ... perhaps that set of 125 different that I sold to an advanced cigar store token collector had a larger impact on my inventory than I initially suspected.  In any event, if I hope to maintain a "two-way" buy/sell market on Hickey Brothers tokens, it looks like I need to buy some more!  If you have any duplicates available, please let me know!

ABBREVIATIONS:      HB = Hickey Brothers,   HB. = Hickey Bros.,  HBI = Hickey Brothers, Inc.

All reverses are "Good For (denomination) In Trade At Straight Retail Prices" unless otherwise noted

All tokens are in nice circulated condition unless noted. Everything postpaid.

All catalog numbers are per Glyn Farber's TAMS Journal 33:1(2) listing. Pollack translations upon request!

Items marked "FOR TRADE ONLY" are reserved for trades for items on my Hickey Brothers "Want List", available at  http://www.kenbarr.com/hickeywtd.html

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