More of My Favorite Love Tokens

M. E. Rooks
on 2¢ piece
music / Eddie
on 1858 Seated Liberty 
half dime
on three cent silver piece
William to Father
on 1865 three cent nickel
bicycle / T J S
(double-sided, probably
on a Seated Liberty dime)
on 1874 With Arrows
Seated Liberty dime
C. B. C / fruit
on 1887 Seated Liberty dime
"Till death us part"
on 1871 Seated Liberty dime
M B H / tropical scene
on 1891 Seated Liberty dime
Mother / owl
on 1890 Seated Liberty dime
tropical scene 
on counterfeit
1892 Barber dime
Fostoria String Band
musical instrument
on reshaped 1857 Seated Liberty quarter
hand holding arrow
on 1854 With Arrows
Seated Liberty quarter
Masonic symbol / C O Y
on (1853) Arrows and Rays
Seated Liberty quarter
M Mc (enamelled)
on 1893 Columbian Exposition
commemorative half dollar
M. S. / T. A. K.
on 1892 Columbian Exposition
commemorative half dollar
Each For The Other
Fluffy and Allie
Both For God
on 1878 Morgan dollar
(two Canadian dime love tokens
and pinbar attached)
Nellie / SSM / 1887
on Liberty quarter eagle gold
city scene
on Canada Victoria dime
Connie Parsons
on 1916 France 1 franc
 History / book
on Great Britain 
Victoria 3 pence
Kindred Soles
on Great Britain
Victoria six pence
on 1886 Straits Settlements
ten cents

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