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(some with simple "SPECIMEN" rubber-stamped over the reverse certification, some with perforated "SPECIMEN ABNCo", some with both!)

No. Event Mint Marking
SO 11 S. P. M. C. 1980 70.00 (rubber stamp)
SO 14 ANA 1981 Midyear 70.00 (rubber stamp)
SO 15 S. P. M. C. 1981 70.00 (rubber stamp)
SO 17 A. N. A. 1981 70.00 (both)
SO 18 ANA 1981 Bldg Fund 70.00 (both)
SO 22 F. U. N. 1982 70.00 (both)
SO 23 ANA 1982 Midyear 70.00 (rubber stamp)
SO 24 S. P. M. C. 1982 70.00 (both)
SO 25 A. N. A. 1982 70.00 (perforated)
SO 32 ANA 1983 Midwinter 70.00 (perforated)
SO 34 A. N. A. 1983 70.00 (both)
SO 39 ANA 1984 70.00 (perforated)

One of each (twelve cards total).............NET 600.00

[Only one set available. Further orders will be partially filled at a pro-rated price unless otherwise requested.]

ABNCo. and Related Ephemera

1972 Annual Report.....Green intaglio text/scrollwork on covers, one internal page showing five intaglio Chinese vignettes in green..........30.00

1973 ANnual Report.....Blue intaglio scrollwork on covers, one internal page showing the six Bicentennial-related vignettes later used on SO 4..........30.00

1975 Annual Report.....Blue intaglio scrollwork on covers, four internal pages showing Thomas Paine, the Declaration of Independence (large and small) and the Men In Currency vignettes..........40.00

1976 Annual Report.....Full light blue intaglio covers showing architectural vignettes, two internal pages showing various designs/counters/vignettes on an opaline sheet..........40.00

1977 Annual Report.....Full green intaglio covers showing bank note designs, two internal pages showing fourteen eagle vignettes in black (later used for F 1983E and F 1983G)..........50.00

1978 Annual Report.....Full dark blue intaglio covers showing bank note designs, two internal pages showing thirteen Native American vignettes in black..........SOLD OUT

1979 Annual Report.....Full brown intaglio covers showing bank note designs, two internal pages showing ten historical vignettes in black. A fabulous document from the ABNCo heydeys..........50.00

1980 Annual Report.....Full blue intaglio covers (39 vignettes) on Tyvek-like paper, two internal pages showing multicolor geometric lathework..........40.00

1981 Annual Report.....Full green intaglio covers (38 vignettes) on Tyvek paper, latent image printing.....40.00

1991 Annual Report.....Space/doves hologram on front cover..........25.00

1974 ABNCo. advertising brochure with nice intaglio work on covers, two internal sheets showing eight vingettes including the Alamo and Bartholdi statue. A little scuffed on the covers, but nice overall..........40.00

Single 12" x 17" sheet from the ABNCo. depicting eight vignettes including The Alamo and the Bartholdi Statue. Leftover piece never bound into the 1974 advertising brochure. Rolled and slightly curled..........20.00

Mid-1980's advertising brochure with Eagle hologram on cover, two sheets of seven vignettes each internally plus much info re ABNCo. and its products/services. Minor dents/creases. A neat collateral item..........35.00

Multicolor litho specimen note, undated, "10" denomination, with "Progress" vignette in center. R. M. Smythe dates these as 1929 and realize $100+ each in their auctions..........75.00

"The Counterfeit Detector", 1967 booklet by Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Includes one genuine and one counterfeit plate by British American Bank Note Company plus planchette samples. Scarce!..........40.00

I'm always looking to buy intaglio "strange stuff" produced by the ABNCo. or most other security printers (E. A. Wright, RWHE, Homer Lee, Western, Jeffries, etc.). Please send photocopy and price desired.

American Bank Note Company "Archive Series"

Between 1987 and 1992 inclusive, the American Bank Note Company produced an annual series of intaglio engravings on acid-free cream colored stock from the company's archives, suitably titled the "Archive Series". Each set included twelve 8 1/2" x 11 1/4" pages of vignettes, with between four and ten vignettes per page. Importantly, historical information about each vignette, such as the engraver, date, and on which banknotes/documents it is known to have been used, is also included. Although the titles of the sheets may be duplicated among the series, all of the vignettes are different, totalling 502 different over the entire six year span.

About 1,000 sets were produced each year (plus or minus a few hundred), most of which have long since been impounded in collections. Each set comes in a portfolio embossed with the series title and date for long term storage.

Individual sheets, when available, are priced separately ---- N/A means "not available" as a single sheet at present.

SOA 1987    1987 Archive Series (light brown)   (96 vignettes on 12 sheets).......................400.00

SOA 1988    1988 Archive Series (dark green)   (82 vignettes on 12 sheets)..................500.00

SOA 1989      1989 Archive Series (dark blue)    (79 vignettes on 12 sheets)..................400.00

SOA 1990      1990 Archive Series (black)   (82 vignettes on 12 sheets).......................400.00

SOA 1991      1991 Archive Series (maroon)   (83 vignettes on 12 sheets)....................400.00

SOA 1992      1992 Archive Series (dark brown)   (80 vignettes on 12 sheets)................WANTED

ABNCo. "Amer. Paper Money Collection" (1993)

Thirty-six different proof bank notes (one from each state represented in the ABNCo. archives, from Delaware through Montana) printed using plates created from the original dies on heavy acid-free paper and mounted in an archival quality custom album. Ten notes are black-and-white while the other twenty-six include colorful overprints and tints, all just as the notes were originally issued.  A writeup by notes syngraphist Gene Hessler is included for each note in the set, often naming and providing historical information about the vignettes used on the bank notes.  Originally issued via subscription at $14.75 per note ($531 per set) to existing ABNCo. customers, then later at $19.95 per note (or $695 for the set) to the general public, this is the first set I've seen offered on the secondary market.....SOLD OUT

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